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Calm down
ID: KF018701
Album: Meditation
Very calm, atmospheric track with xylophone and percussions. 02:37
ID: KF018702
Album: Meditation
Music for meditation with percussions, quiet flute playing and evenly billowing bass line. 02:37
Touch Of Feet
ID: KF018703
Album: Meditation
Chinese music for meditation with panpipe, pipa and timpani. 02:38
Vast Lands
ID: KF018704
Album: Meditation
Very calm, melancholic track with soft strings, panpipe and acoustic guitar. Sounds like Indian prairie. 01:37
Indigenous Whispering
ID: KF018705
Album: Meditation
Atmospheric music for meditation with synthies, flute and electric guitar. Softly driving and relaxing. 02:46
Gentle Wind
ID: KF018706
Album: Meditation
Atmospheric music for meditation, with synthies, flute and electric guitar. Relaxing, soft and melancholic. 02:53
Rhythmic Breathing
ID: KF018707
Album: Meditation
Creepy but relaxed Chinese music with percussions, harp, electric piano and flute. Sinister and soft, somehow lurking. 03:26
Their New World
ID: KF018708
Album: Meditation
A groovy, atmospheric track with an exotic percussion intro and melodic xylophone. Relaxed and gentle. 01:59
Laser Beams
ID: KF018709
Album: Meditation
Futuristic space atmospheres. 02:10
Nape Breaker
ID: KF018710
Album: Meditation
An easy, dreamy, futuristic music. Synthies and electric piano, acoustic guitar is indicated. 02:27
Velvet Dreams
ID: KF018711
Album: Meditation
Atmospheric and dreamy track, with Scandinavian trance style, spreading a positive feeling and relaxation. 07:09
Indian Clouds
ID: KF018712
Album: Meditation
A mystic, slow music, ghostly and unapproachable in appearance. Indian elements. 02:19
12 Tracks 标题/ID 解说 長度