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Today We Dream
ID: KF017601
Album: European Cinema
Calm, Spanish acoustic guitar play, embedded into electric piano sounds. Soft bongos with it. Melancholic and romantic. 01:11
Afternoon Playtime
ID: KF017602
Album: European Cinema
A dreamy, imaginative music with pizzicato strings, acoustic guitar, flute, drums, brass and xylophone. Colourful, emotional and playful. 02:02
One Man's Footprints
ID: KF017603
Album: European Cinema
A melancholic, dreamy track with guitar-playing combined with piano, strings and oboe. 01:02
Tiny Wink
ID: KF017604
Album: European Cinema
A playful, versatile and calm piece of music with clarinet, triangle sounds, electric piano, strings and piano. Reminds of lanky theater characters. 02:02
For A Soul
ID: KF017605
Album: European Cinema
A very relaxed and gentle track with acoustic guitar, piano, clarinet and violin. Contemplative music. 01:33
Rainy Sunday
ID: KF017606
Album: European Cinema
A calm, dreamy piece of music. With passionately melancholic acoustic guitars, gentle electric piano and timpani in the background. 01:29
Way Out
ID: KF017607
Album: European Cinema
Calm piano, clarinet, violin and muffled timpani in a melancholic, mysterious track. 01:01
Corrupt Minds
ID: KF017608
Album: European Cinema
Elated accordion with sinister, creepy strings and piano tones. Threatening stinger at the end. 01:07
Imminent Risk
ID: KF017609
Album: European Cinema
Sinister, calm orchestra piece with clarinet, piano, electric piano and strings. Low piano tones and string basses towards the end. 01:10
Have My Attention
ID: KF017610
Album: European Cinema
Rhythmic track with lots of percussion and melodic strings. Like a classic Latin-American dance. Melancholic and passionate. 00:41
For Someone Else
ID: KF017611
Album: European Cinema
Calm, melancholic track. Solemn strings combined with staccato violins. With bongos, piano and flute on top. 00:36
Assassins Attack
ID: KF017612
Album: European Cinema
Fast orchestral Action-Track with odd Times and strong melodies. 01:37
Above The Island
ID: KF017613
Album: European Cinema
Calm, harmonic sounds of acoustic guitar and bongos on an electric piano bed. Like a starlit caribbean night. 01:39
In The Old Days
ID: KF017614
Album: European Cinema
A track in rustic style: accordion, acoustic guitar and percussion. Sounds like a folksy pirate drinking evening. 03:01
I Dreamed About You
ID: KF017615
Album: European Cinema
Jazzy, romantic and melancholic track with piano, violin and relaxed drums, flute in addition. 01:10
Only The Moon
ID: KF017616
Album: European Cinema
Calm, relaxed solo for piano. Romantic and emotional. Perfect for a candle-light scene. 01:20
16 Tracks 标题/ID 解说 長度