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This collection of orchestral pieces is bound to inspire your audience and help them concentrate on the positive. These uplifting melodies, led by guitar and piano, radiate nostalgia and energy.

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Long Ways
ID: KF033601
Album: Cinematic Emotions
Opening with gentle guitar plucks and soft cymbal splashes, percussion taps in to build up the rhythm of this lyrical ballad. 03:37
ID: KF033602
Album: Cinematic Emotions
A piano plays over sounds of the seashore. As the waves fade, percussion and pads build to an uplifting climax. 02:30
The Big Day
ID: KF033603
Album: Cinematic Emotions
This uplifting track opens with a staccato string arpeggio, joined by pads and legato cellos. 02:15
Last Step
ID: KF033604
Album: Cinematic Emotions
A profound piano progression is accented by taikos, horns, and strings. 02:44
Ancient Caves
ID: KF033605
Album: Cinematic Emotions
The track opens with a subtle, melancholic violin melody and a mystical progression. A deep bass and synth pluck arpeggiation introduce a sense of dark tension. 02:32
Remind Me
ID: KF033606
Album: Cinematic Emotions
A soft, nostalgic melody is plucked out on nylon guitar strings while kit drums play a shuffle. 02:18
The Letter
ID: KF033607
Album: Cinematic Emotions
Beginning with an inspiring piano arpeggiation, heavy synth drums and legato strings accentuate the uplifting mood, replaced by guitar strums after the drop. 02:41
At Your Fingertips
ID: KF033608
Album: Cinematic Emotions
A piano and guitar embrace each other in positive, nostalgic moods, accompanied by a violin and kit drums. 02:29
Travel Theme
ID: KF033609
Album: Cinematic Emotions
Walking down the scale, a piano is joined by ambient synth drums and arpeggiations played on various wooden instruments. 02:28
You Appeared
ID: KF033610
Album: Cinematic Emotions
The track opens with a guitar melody and soft percussion. The nostalgic air picks up with kit drums and spiccato strings. 03:19
10 Tracks 标题/ID 解说 長度