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These ambient tracks will transmit to your audiences a mix of melancholic and hopeful moods. From somber cello bowing to virtuoso piano climbing up the keys, the melodies here tap into the inner workings of a listener\\\'s heart.

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ID: KF032501
Album: Beauty In Ambience
This introspective work is introduced by a slowly bowed orchestral progression, building with piano and light drum elements while remaining evocative. 03:50
Warm Soil
ID: KF032502
Album: Beauty In Ambience
Defined by a shared space of a minimalist guitar and arpeggiating piano, this track features soft driving kit drums and encompassing pads. 03:31
Frozen Skies
ID: KF032503
Album: Beauty In Ambience
A cello and piano search for answers while drifting through a sea of soft synth arpeggiations and pads. The track builds to a climax of violin arpeggios and a probing piano melody, leaving questions unanswered. 03:11
Natural Theme
ID: KF032504
Album: Beauty In Ambience
On a sea of synth beds, the tide slowly washes in. Percussion beats and chimes play a meditative rhythm while a dark piano leads a triumphant symphony of synths. 03:31
Present Past
ID: KF032505
Album: Beauty In Ambience
A woman's probing voice disturbs unsettled memories while ghostly pads move across an ambient dreamscape. 03:20
Walking Barefoot
ID: KF032506
Album: Beauty In Ambience
A heartbeat leads the pace of this meandering piano track played on a bed of soft synths and gentle echoing sounds that wash in like gentle waves breaking after a storm. 02:38
Snow On Mountains
ID: KF032507
Album: Beauty In Ambience
A lone and isolated drone calls out, beseeched by the a high-pitched, drawn-out calling of the wind and ghosts. 03:30
Cold Fire
ID: KF032508
Album: Beauty In Ambience
The soft crackling of a fire sets the backdrop to this track with pulsing piano chords and a string ensemble gently signaling mystery and loss. 03:33
There Is Hope
ID: KF032509
Album: Beauty In Ambience
Beginning at a soft and reflective pace, a contrast is marked midway by a virtuosic piano gliding over pads of strings and synths. 03:36
Somber Mood
ID: KF032510
Album: Beauty In Ambience
Opening with a melancholic piano and abysmal strings, the solemn melody is played by a cello over piano rhythms and with violins playing the harmony. 03:01
10 Tracks 标题/ID 解说 長度