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Killer Cobra
ID: KF016701
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Orchestra track full of action with rocking synthies and energetic brass, combined with flute here and there. 02:22
ID: KF016702
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
An electro track with orchestra elements: billowing, futuristic synthies combined with rhythmic strings. Full of action and thick in sound. 02:30
Sudden Enemy
ID: KF016703
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Exciting orchestra track full of action with strings and synthies, thundering timpani intensifying the atmosphere. Increases in tempo. 01:25
Wake Up
ID: KF016704
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Orchestral action track with hectic strings, energetic brass and impelling drum accompaniment. 03:14
Before The Close
ID: KF016705
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Muffled synthies full of action combined with calm strings. Brass opens up and increases towards an epic end. 01:11
ID: KF016706
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
A creepy orchestral track with strings, brass and synthies. Impelling and suspenseful. 02:42
ID: KF016707
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Creepy electro orchestra track with low strings combined with electrifying, cold synthie sounds. An exciting, groovy thrill. 02:44
Shock And Awe
ID: KF016708
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
An exciting orchestra track with impelling strings, timpani and melodic brass. Like a heroic deployment of armed forces. 01:38
Heavy Machinery
ID: KF016709
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
A thrilling action orchestra track with fast string passages, impelling brass rhythms and drums. Energetic and dramatic. 01:28
Deeply Endangered
ID: KF016710
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Creepy and suspenseful music with synthies, strings and powerful timpani. With a hopeful, dramatic section towards the end. 02:57
Enduring War
ID: KF016711
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Clear, melodic piano, dramatic strings, brass and drums. The music breaks up several times, only to swell up again with an energetic sound. 02:47
High Energy
ID: KF016712
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Dramatic brass and strings, alternating volume. Energetic, exciting and heroic orchestra composition. 01:58
ID: KF016713
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Unusual orchestra track with suspenseful, rhythmic strings, bright xylophone and electric guitar sounds. 01:39
The Shield
ID: KF016714
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Disturbing and aggressive orchestra track with percussions and brass section, combined with synthie sounds. 01:31
ID: KF016715
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Energetic, melodic orchestra track with intense string and brass sounds and soft piano tones. 01:21
Towards The Light
ID: KF016716
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
A thrilling, dramatic track, threatening and msyterious - reminds of a spectacular escape through the canal system… Synthies, dramatic strings and drums. 02:52
Full Attention
ID: KF016717
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Thrilling and dramatic music for a secret mission: dramatic strings as lead, combined with drums, synthies and piercing sounds. 02:37
Trust Nobody
ID: KF016718
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Dramatic, sinister and energetic string music with quiet piano and insistent drums, bass line and synthies. A gloomy track. 02:40
18 Tracks 标题/ID 解说 長度