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Child's Play
ID: KF038710
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
This lively thematic scherzo has lines influenced by jazz and is somewhat reminiscent of a place where everyone knows your name. 02:12
Silver Bike
ID: KF038706
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
A reflective and at times playful melody featuring solo piano, creating a serene and contemplative mood, ideal for playful film scenes and heartfelt moods. 02:12
Blank Canvas
ID: KF038703
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
An upbeat and expressive piano piece that conveys the feelings of happiness and contemplation. 02:27
Jingle Bells Trio
ID: KF037910
Album: X-mas Cinema
A jazzy take on a common Christmas carol, this features a swinging beat and bright piano runs, making the perfect track to ride a swinging sleigh tonight, hey! 02:23
Winter's Tale
ID: KF035310
Album: Jazz Club
With all the feel of a bouncing jazz standard, this improvised piece races up and down the piano keys and never loses its cool. 02:27
ID: KF035309
Album: Jazz Club
With straightforward kit drums, the piano attacks with a quick progression of sevenths and ninths and then moves into lounge territory. 02:49
ID: KF035308
Album: Jazz Club
Scales cascading downwards define this contemplative ballad encompassed by piano and kit, with a bass accenting the hits and covering the solo. 02:49
Trip To Brazil
ID: KF035307
Album: Jazz Club
This bossa nova inspired track is full of energy and celebration; the dancing piano and cheerful shakers ready to add a dose of liveliness to any scene. 02:11
Bigger Steps
ID: KF035306
Album: Jazz Club
The powerful kit drums accent a profound rhythm for this upbeat jazz take carried by piano and standup bass. 02:33
Late At Night
ID: KF035305
Album: Jazz Club
This romantic ballad is for all the sweet and smooth moments surrounding a lonely, but sentimental scene. 02:26
Blue In Green
ID: KF035304
Album: Jazz Club
A shaker and cymbals lay a soft rhythm for this sweet ballad. 02:28
Sweet September
ID: KF035303
Album: Jazz Club
Take a number with this groovealicious jazz piece with an exploratory piano and an easy bass laying down the vibe. 02:50
ID: KF035302
Album: Jazz Club
Capturing all the suave groove of a blues standard, this track features a piano, sax, and kit. 02:32
ID: KF035301
Album: Jazz Club
With a distinctly Latin flavor, this track will lift the mood of any audience with its smooth sax and tinkling piano. 02:55
Errors Excluded
ID: KF034910
Album: Short Days
The lo-fi strings and soft synth arps give this chill hop track a nostalgic mood. 02:41
New Romance
ID: KF034909
Album: Short Days
With all the sexiness of Barry White, this smooth chill hop is smothered in a romantic mood. 02:44
Old Screen
ID: KF034908
Album: Short Days
Opening with a solid boom bap beat, this chill hop classic has elements of 19th century French lounges with a trumpet trickling a touch of modern cool. 02:33
Inner Rebellion
ID: KF034907
Album: Short Days
This chill hop groove features ivory slapping rhythms and sliding basses. 02:19
Go Fly
ID: KF034906
Album: Short Days
The call and response between guitar chords and riffs and boom bap beat make this track a lo-fi masterclass in cool. 02:28
Urban Games
ID: KF034905
Album: Short Days
A vibraphone lays down the vibes over a solid boom bap beat and guitar rhythm. The drops feature head-bobbing guitar licks. 02:32
Latest And Greatest
ID: KF034904
Album: Short Days
Starting with an upfront beat, a solid electric guitar takes up the rhythm with horn stabs and a dancing bass. 02:56
ID: KF034903
Album: Short Days
This down tempo lo-fi track kicks off with a piano and a slow groove. Accompanied by a bass and atmospheric effects. 02:46
Cocktail Parasol
ID: KF034902
Album: Short Days
Opening with distant drums and trumpet, this lo-fi track is backed by a cool organ and an even cooler funk bass. 02:48
ID: KF034901
Album: Short Days
A cool interlude on a rainy day. The piano plays out an upbeat lounge tune over boom bap drums. Lively solos are traded between the piano, electric guitar, and bass. 02:41
ID: KF033910
Album: Dreaming Piano
A repeated motif resolves and leads into a reflective melody that pushes the listener to confront the harder truths. 02:14
Letting Go
ID: KF033909
Album: Dreaming Piano
A hopeful period of question and answer leads to a solemn and final conclusion. 02:49
Summer Morning
ID: KF033908
Album: Dreaming Piano
This jazzy pop ballad is perfect for grabbing some coffee and starting the day. An upbeat harmony keeps up its positive, blues-inspired melody. 02:14
ID: KF033907
Album: Dreaming Piano
This classic melody marches along at an even pace, balancing positivity and reflection, energy and placidity. 02:13
That Mood
ID: KF033906
Album: Dreaming Piano
This piano etude opens with a repetition in intervals, with the left hand humming the melody. The track shifts with the upper region bringing more energy to the forefront. 02:28
Simple And True
ID: KF033905
Album: Dreaming Piano
A question repeats through the opening motif only to be answered in a more impactful chorus. The track builds in noise, carrying the echoes of the fingers and strings. 02:17
Picking Sun Rays
ID: KF033904
Album: Dreaming Piano
Emotionally shifting through intervals, the track moves gracefully into a question and answer ballade that has a gentle and affirmative resolve. 02:35
ID: KF033903
Album: Dreaming Piano
This nocturne brings back rainy evenings walking down the embankment of the Seine. During the interlude, the frozen reverb sounds like a soft bed of strings embracing the forlorn. 02:22
If I Did
ID: KF033902
Album: Dreaming Piano
A bouncy and reflective track, the piano moves up and down the scale with a cheerful yet nostalgic motif. 02:24
Memories Of You
ID: KF033901
Album: Dreaming Piano
This melancholic piano ballade begins with a soft arpeggiation, soon joined by a descending melody. 02:15
Tired People
ID: KF033310
Album: Well Told
An electric piano plays a soft melody over atmospherics, with ambient pads fading in and out. A deep bass and kit drums bring some jazz-flavored groove to the game. 02:12
Indigo Queen
ID: KF033309
Album: Well Told
The track opens with a crackling organ progression, quickly turning into a massive downtempo trip hop canticle to cool. 02:43
Barbershop Theme
ID: KF033308
Album: Well Told
Jazz piano plays over cymbals and a bass full of funk. Vibes accentuate the groove making this a head-bobbing master study in low fidelity. 02:27
Shine On
ID: KF033307
Album: Well Told
A very downtempo yet funky track with electric piano, synth chord hits, and a synthetic cymbal shuffle. 02:16
Rocking Chair Rocksteady
ID: KF033306
Album: Well Told
Vinyl crackling and spacey synths define this jazzy lofi track. An electric piano alternates with short drones for a synthwave aesthetic. 02:28
A Beautiful Dawn
ID: KF033305
Album: Well Told
Strummed electric piano chords open the track while laid-back kit drums, piano, and bass set the table for groove. 02:22
ID: KF033304
Album: Well Told
Featuring strong synth pads and a funky bass line, this track carries the tune with snapping fingers and a smooth jazz electric piano. 02:20
Slow Pace
ID: KF033303
Album: Well Told
A saturated bass line and jazz piano lay down the groove with kit drums, along with some classic synth sounds. Spacey horns add some spice. 02:32
You Gimme Goosebumps
ID: KF033302
Album: Well Told
Opening with string pads and percussion, a funky bass line and full kit drums lay on the groove to this lofi track. Soft vocal pads and jazzy electric piano pick up at the break. 02:20
ID: KF033301
Album: Well Told
This downtempo track has a gentle guitar riff on repeat over a deep bass line and mellow kit drums. 02:32
Petticoat Lane
ID: KF031709
Album: Quirky & Fun
Styleful vintage sound delivered on a smooth bossa rhythm: Smoky organs paired with piano and electric guitar arrange for an exciting trip back in time. 02:17
Evening Wear
ID: KF031705
Album: Quirky & Fun
Smooth Jazz? Elevator music? Prestigious dining table backdrop? This track serves all of those and purposes and more with its inviting vibraphone, piano, acoustic bass and silky rhythm section. 02:23
Weekend Trip
ID: KF031704
Album: Quirky & Fun
With a consoling and mellow tune, this track features organ an inviting rhythm, mallets and clean electric guitar, which takes center stage during a soulful solo in the middle. 02:26
The Final Battle
ID: KF030910
Album: Got The Guts
Waves of string staccato pulses in as dark horn blasts seize the moment, carrying the audience into guttural metal riffs. Harmonic horns pick up in the background only to be cut off and returned to the quiet and tense movement of the strings. 02:28
ID: KF030909
Album: Got The Guts
The track begins with rhythmic guitar riffs as a chorus of strings works in a tension building melody. The reigns are handed over to the horn section which plays through the climax. 02:36
Enemy Troops
ID: KF030908
Album: Got The Guts
A snare and guitars tap out a military march as the horns call out preparing for war. Higher pitched guitars cover the sounds of frantic screams until the final clash with distortion hits. 02:07
Stormy Coast
ID: KF030907
Album: Got The Guts
A harmony of horns starts this track on its weathered course. After the initial verse, it shifts into the thunderous beat of war drums until it finally arrives at the double kicks more typical of heavy metal. 02:24
ID: KF030906
Album: Got The Guts
The track opens with a Shepard tone leading into an aggressive pairing of strings and guitar fusing together at a hard-driven pace to the end. 02:20
Outer Space
ID: KF030905
Album: Got The Guts
A high pitched drone floats into a wall of aggression and tension, slammed by a quick riser into a dark void driven by strings and staccato electric guitar strums. At the drop, the guitar stops. Horns bring in an element of mystery, which concludes after the resumption of the rhythm. 02:34
ID: KF030904
Album: Got The Guts
A slower but high-tension piece with driving guitars and horns. The track breaks down into a question and answer between strings and distorted guitars. 02:15
ID: KF030903
Album: Got The Guts
A helicopter-like riser introduces the listener to this track full of hits and drive. A string section pushes the rhythm until the drop switches the track to a more atmospheric metal, finally picking up with the earlier high symphonic tone once again. 02:34
Heavy Impact
ID: KF030902
Album: Got The Guts
The track starts immediately into a high impact rhythm, with heavy guitars driving a fast-paced dynamism. The kit drums drop off at the break, coming back in for an almost funky dialectic interlude between guitars and synth horns. 02:13
Riffs From Mars
ID: KF030901
Album: Got The Guts
The assault on the Red Planet opens with a slowly building drone, the rhythm emphasized by a growing, militant electric guitar. The kit drums kick in, creating a solid, cosmic metal reminiscent of Holst's Planets. 02:32
Break Through
ID: KF030310
Album: On The Rise
Positive, confident and mature. With piano, electric guitar and orchestral backing, this track travels from a good present to a better future. 02:11
ID: KF030308
Album: On The Rise
Crystal-clear piano droplets start the track with soft pads and reverse effects in the background. Light acoustic guitar and a tasteful electronic beat join in, together with subtle staccato strings and shaker. As the sound gets richer and wider, so does the main melody. The track maintains a steady rhythm with an emphasis on the kick. 02:21
Sunrise Avenue
ID: KF030306
Album: On The Rise
With the electric guitar in the center, Sunrise Avenue builds toward a bold, thought-provoking melody that gets emphasized with epic percussion orchestral arrangements. 02:14
Clearing Up
ID: KF030304
Album: On The Rise
With a soft, delicate beginning, gradual piano melody introduces its accompaning arrantement: Staccato strings, cello, subtle mallets and synth sounds. The sound gets richer, stronger, more powerful as the song progresses. Drums, brass and a tasteful electric lead guitar take the tune one step further in the end. 02:19
Suspicious Guys
ID: KF030209
Album: Cartoons & Agents
A classic "sneaking about" track. Clarines, trumpets, baritone sax, vibraphone and a steadily intesifying arrangement give the piece an "endearing bad guys" touch. 02:14
Hurry Up
ID: KF030202
Album: Cartoons & Agents
Fast, light and skipping: A friendly reminder that the clock is ticking. The middle part plays at half the tempo for a little breathing space before picking up towards the end again. 02:02
War Machine
ID: KF029607
Album: Battlegrounds
An unsteady percussion-track, supported by warning signals of ethnic horns. 02:02
The Assault
ID: KF029605
Album: Battlegrounds
A driven percussion-track. 01:02
Moving Into Position
ID: KF029602
Album: Battlegrounds
A driving percussive hybrid-track, which increases tension with some deep brasslike objections and sinister drones. 02:04
To The Balustrade
ID: KF029601
Album: Battlegrounds
A tense percussion-track, supported by warning signals of ethnic horns. 02:15
ID: KF029405
Album: Orchestral Colors
An orchestral track carried by percussive elements, telling of new beginnings and great adventures. 02:00
ID: KF029208
Album: Modern War Vol.2
A fast paced, powerful hybrid-track with electric guitar, drums and orchestra. 02:21
Rooftop Chase
ID: KF029206
Album: Modern War Vol.2
A fast and unpredictable hybrid-track that delivers action and excitement. 01:08
New Adventures
ID: KF028608
Album: Electroactive
Very bassy dubstep track, powerful, energetic. 01:46
Miles Per Second
ID: KF028607
Album: Electroactive
Motivating Dubstep track with intense strings. 01:47
Positive Motivation
ID: KF028508
Album: Corporate and Positive
Relaxing, calming music with quiet synthie sounds, accompanied by soft strings and electric piano. 02:44
Glitter Stuff
ID: KF028506
Album: Corporate and Positive
Positive strings combined with synthesizers pads and piano. 02:12
ID: KF028505
Album: Corporate and Positive
A pop feel-good track with electronic percussion piano arpeggios and emotional interludes. 02:12
ID: KF028503
Album: Corporate and Positive
Melancholic music with piano and strings. Creates positive feelings and inspiration. 02:12
Childs Game
ID: KF028502
Album: Corporate and Positive
Positive track with electric piano and electric guitar, tender and beautiful. 01:52
Crossing the Way
ID: KF028407
Album: Synesthesia
Emotional, uplifting piece filled with piano, strings and a delightful flute. 02:57
By Heart
ID: KF028402
Album: Synesthesia
A sensitive piece with a flowing piano, sustaining strings and guitar. Positiv, emotional and melancholic. 02:32
Follow Me
ID: KF027610
Album: Automotive Vol.2
Atmospheric dubstep track with rhythmic strings and diverse sounds 02:00
Fast Lane
ID: KF027609
Album: Automotive Vol.2
Driving dubstep track with an emotional guitar intro and atmospheric synths 01:53
ID: KF027608
Album: Automotive Vol.2
A melodic and cinematic electronic track with catchy pizzicato strings and intelligent build ups 01:49
Night Flight
ID: KF027601
Album: Automotive Vol.2
Syncopated pizzicato strings are paired with polyrhythmic beats and dubstep synths 01:34
Walking Throught The City
ID: KF027310
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.1
Harmonically varied and dreamy chillout track with funky guitar and keyboard licks, set to loungy percussion and groovy bass. 02:14
Breathing In
ID: KF027309
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.1
Dreamy chillout-track with light melodies and spheric acoustic colors, set to a subliminal bass groove and rhythmic percussion. 02:25
Grooving Around
ID: KF027308
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.1
Groovy and funky lounge track with fairly electronic influences and an uplifting interlude. 02:48
ID: KF027307
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.1
A casual line-up of acoustic bass, electric guitar and electric piano dance alongside a trendy groove. 02:04
The Stroller
ID: KF027304
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.1
Laidback, yet groovy chillout track with bossa nova guitar, loungy piano melodies and spheric pads. 02:10
See What Sticks
ID: KF027303
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.1
Fully relaxed and careless electric piano and a slightly experimental background beat carry this lounge track through sweeping synth landscapes. 02:23
Animal, Reggae, Vegetable
ID: KF027215
Album: Easy Pop Vol.2
Mediterranenan, jolly reggae-track with steel drums, electric guitar, hammond organ and a catchy rhythm. 02:26
Think It Through
ID: KF027214
Album: Easy Pop Vol.2
Slower, but nonetheless positive Rock-Pop Ballad with meaningful melodies and cool, satisfied backing with saturated electric guitar and hammond organ. 02:16
Look Who's There
ID: KF027213
Album: Easy Pop Vol.2
This gentle pop track with jolly piano and almost latin percussion is both welcoming and unintrusive. 02:34
Family Pictures
ID: KF027212
Album: Easy Pop Vol.2
In this buoyant acoustic pop track a catchy rhythm and a hopeful electric guitar tune produce consistent positivity. 02:31
Fuse Me Up
ID: KF027211
Album: Easy Pop Vol.2
Spherical lounge track with a good amount of groove and style. E-piano, electric guitar and a supporting bass line combined with cool backing synth. 02:30
Small Talk
ID: KF027207
Album: Easy Pop Vol.2
Laid-back easy listening with a pleasant acoustic guitar tune backed by subtle e-piano and pads. 02:30
Get Over Here
ID: KF027203
Album: Easy Pop Vol.2
Light, yet slightly repremanding pop-track with a skippy two-step beat and light rock acommpanient with piano. 02:15
Midnight Session
ID: KF027202
Album: Easy Pop Vol.2
Groovy funk track with rhythmic electric guitar and a spirited brass section. With an e-piano solo in between. 02:16
Been There, Done That
ID: KF027109
Album: Easy And Smooth
Mediterranean latin track; contemplative and dreamy, yet well seasoned and varied. 02:40
Late Hour Stroll
ID: KF027108
Album: Easy And Smooth
Lush bossa nova track with piano and electric guitar taking turns at the melody and backing department. 02:16
Let The Record Sound
ID: KF027104
Album: Easy And Smooth
This modest lounge track has a vintage flavor to it. Mellow electric guitar lines, hammond organs and acoustic bass accompanied by a somewhat dirty groove. 02:19
349 Tracks 标题/ID 解说 長度