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8 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Midnight Chase
ID: KF019705
Album: Spooky Orchestra
Dark orchestral fantasy track with a spooky undead horror vibe. 03:01
The Old Woman In The Woods
ID: KF019707
Album: Spooky Orchestra
Mysterious and fairy-tale-like with a subtle dark note. The track features mainly the harp and woodwinds, accompanied by deep and muffled timpani and soft strings. 02:07
The Siren's Lament
ID: KF019708
Album: Spooky Orchestra
Very dark and calm track, with low strings in the first half, then etheral female vocals in the second half. Strong melodic themes, full of pain and darkness. 02:04
By The Midnight Hour
ID: KF019701
Album: Spooky Orchestra
A spooky, calm track with theremine, spinett, strings and melodic violin. Sounds like a nightly mystery tour. 01:56
Dry Bones
ID: KF019706
Album: Spooky Orchestra
Dark orchestral fantasy track. Spooky, with marching style and a touch of undead horror. 01:41
Book Of Secrets
ID: KF019702
Album: Spooky Orchestra
Spooky bells & chimes play a sad tune, accompanied by a lonely violin and occasional stingers. 01:22
For Once Together
ID: KF019703
Album: Spooky Orchestra
Spooky tongue-in-cheek end of the world theme with 6/8 jazz beat, pizzicati, organ, theremin and light-hearted horror elements. 01:05
Haunted Puppets
ID: KF019704
Album: Spooky Orchestra
Dreamy, spooky theme with orchestra, chimes and piano. 01:01
8 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration