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Music and film soundtrack Cinematic Hybrid

Step into a specially curated world of musical depth. This mixture features a combination of piano, strings, and percussion to create moods ranging from small and nostalgic to big and triumphant. Gentle melodies on piano and strings set a contemplative tone ideal for presentations and promotional videos showcasing a company’s vision and values. Forward-moving rhythms and stirring string sections inspire creativity and innovation, motivating your audience to achieve goals and reach new milestones.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
All I Want
ID: KF038510
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
A determined piano riff and rock-centric kit drums inspire creativity and fresh ideas. 02:33
ID: KF038509
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
A hopeful piano melody and optimistic string arrangement soundtrack a journey of expansion and progress. 02:53
Be Patient
ID: KF038502
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
An uplifting piano part accompanied by strong strings and a forward momentum create a feeling of determination. 02:06
ID: KF038501
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
A nostalgic piano melody, warm pads, and a gentle rhythm on acoustic guitar with rising strings evoke a sense of fond memories and heritage. 02:50
New Land
ID: KF038508
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
The sounds of victory and achievement are blueprinted by the triumphant strings and a shuffling percussion. 02:37
Not Close Enough
ID: KF038504
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
A dancing piano line harmonizes with polished strings and a punctuating percussion to embody the essence of success. 02:08
One Thing I know
ID: KF038506
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
A tender piano, pulsing percussion, and emotive strings create an atmosphere of emotional embrace and heartfelt connection in cinematic scenes. 03:02
Rule My World
ID: KF038505
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
This track features an elegant piano that builds to a rhythmic and stirring symphony with strings and guitar. 02:38
The Fountain
ID: KF038507
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
Reflective strings and a contemplative piano melody evoke moments of deep introspection and emotional reflection. 02:35
Winter Magic
ID: KF038503
Album: Cinematic Hybrid
Piano notes falling like snowflakes paired with staccato strings and a dynamic sleigh bell set a dreamlike tone. 02:10
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration