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19 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Dark Shadows
ID: KF016805
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Very calm, creepy track with bongos, strings and brass sounds. Reminds of a cautious boat trip through dark, foggy, unknown jungle waters. 03:08
Evil Distress
ID: KF016801
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
A calm, atmospheric piece with synthies and electro beats. Lonesome, sinister and creepy atmosphere. 02:56
Under Surveillance
ID: KF016809
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Sinister, calm ambience track with strings and brass against a background of calm synthies. Lurking and ominous. 02:54
ID: KF016808
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Calm, sinister ambience track with electric piano, combined with bongo and steel sounds. 02:42
Burning Ground
ID: KF016804
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Menacing apocalyptic future sounds with pads and dark orchestra. 02:07
ID: KF016803
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Quiet, mysterious track consisting of long synthie and string sounds. Creepy. 02:06
Military Base
ID: KF016802
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Modern, eerie track with distorted electric bass and synthesizers. Rattling, hollow and sinister sound. 01:59
The Mansion
ID: KF016806
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Sinister and mysterious ambience, perfect for unsettling horror scenes. The lonely melody is played by a scary piano and often disturbed by soft string clusters. 01:47
The Tunnel
ID: KF016807
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Sinister horror ambience with disturbing noises and drones. 01:38
Lethal Coercion
ID: KF016814
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Three orchestra stingers with brass, synthies, electric piano and strings. Intrusive, annoying and creepy. Like being pushed into a corner by an evil force. 00:43
Evil Intent
ID: KF016813
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Three creepy orchestral stingers. Quietly threatening, with strings, brass, timpani and synthies. 00:40
Nothing Ahead
ID: KF016810
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Creepy, calm track with three parts. With scary synthies and brass. 00:40
Vicious Echoes
ID: KF016819
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Three creepy orchestra stingers with low strings and scary synthie sounds. Intrusive and sinister. 00:39
Malicious Waylay
ID: KF016815
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Three creepy and intense orchestra stingers. Calm and threatening at the same time. With brass and strings. 00:38
In Cold Blood
ID: KF016812
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Three short, threatening stingers with aggressive brass, combined with synthies, cymbals and timpani. 00:38
Infernal Tones
ID: KF016818
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Three threatening, sinister and calm orchestra stingers with insistent brass and strings. 00:37
Mean Falls
ID: KF016816
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Creepy synthies combined with weird strings, divided into three stingers. Full of suspense and threat. 00:32
The Awakening
ID: KF016811
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Three wavelike synthie sounds. Scary, intrusive and threatening. Like the emergence of evil spirits. 00:30
Wicked Waves
ID: KF016817
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Three short, quick stingers with electric piano and synthies. Creepy and spine-chilling, like a swooshing danger. 00:26
19 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration