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Stamp It
ID: KF013507
Album: House
A sensitive house track. Pervading beat, accompanied by bongos and a bright melody. 02:47
ID: KF013516
Album: House
Groovy house music with flute licks and alienated vocals. 02:46
Chup Tup
ID: KF013509
Album: House
Nneties style dance track, electro beats and bongo rhythms, with female soul vocals. 02:41
Star Trance
ID: KF013504
Album: House
Fast, slightly melancholic dance track. Hard beats and a bright, distinctive melody. 02:40
Pump Da Beat
ID: KF013508
Album: House
Neat, groovy dance track with insistent beat and saxophone passage. 02:39
Ultra Sound
ID: KF013520
Album: House
Relaxed house track with electric piano, organ and bongo accompaniment. 02:34
Dj Kumi
ID: KF013519
Album: House
Groovy, atmospheric dance track with catchy rhythm, low beats and bright melody. 02:30
See my destiny
ID: KF013513
Album: House
Fast dance track with steady rhythm, positive and catchy. 02:30
Knife Drive
ID: KF013506
Album: House
A dynamic, futuristic dance track, with heavy beat and bright upper voice. 02:30
White Room
ID: KF013518
Album: House
House track with vocal part, bongos and oriental elements. 02:27
Club Bits
ID: KF013505
Album: House
House track with fast rhythm and catchy, danceable melody. Energetic and groovy. 02:26
ID: KF013515
Album: House
Neat disco sound of the eighties with electric guitar and bongo accompaniment. 02:25
ID: KF013502
Album: House
Bongo rhythms, relaxed synthies and electric guitar within a dance track with lounge feeling. 02:24
Blurred Street Lights
ID: KF013510
Album: House
Positive, easy funk house track, reminding of the big New York fashion shows. Synthies and electric guitar. 02:17
Distorted Velocity
ID: KF013503
Album: House
Fast, energetic house track with trance elements. 02:12
The Way you move
ID: KF013512
Album: House
Energetic dance track with rolling bass, slightly romantic vocals, accompanied by a piano. 02:04
ID: KF013517
Album: House
Oriental and atmospheric house sound with electric piano and vocal parts. 02:03
Calm Winds
ID: KF013511
Album: House
Soft lounge track with clear electric piano accents. 01:55
ID: KF013514
Album: House
Funky disco lounge track with organ and electric guitar. 01:53
ID: KF013501
Album: House
Modern electro sound, relaxed but still driving. 01:29
20 Tracks 标题/ID 解说 長度